dominique L . Almond (Dude)

This is my main character in my own story(Homie Homie),I quite like her actually.Sometimes ,i really want to be like Dude but i think about her life with some weird guys so….. . Here ‘s some information about her:

Name:Dominique L.Almond;Fake Name(F.Name):Dude



Appearance:orange short hair tied into a ponnie tail, Serious face with honey eyes.Can be recognised by the scar on her face and weird hair curl. VERY SHORT

Personality: a quiet person with emotionless (or grumpy )face. She is not trying to be cool or cold, she’s just TOO LAZY TO SPEAK. She ‘s not often care much about anyone or anything makes her feel uncomfortable.

Job: (*take a long breath) babysister,shipper,artist,waitress,teacher,…..blah blah blah (she does many jobs )

Family: Lucius H.Almond (Lus)

Nationality: Italian ( English)

quotes: …….

weapon/tools:a baseball bat


Well,and some facts about my cute little OC:

-Dude’s height is 1m40 (too short right?)

-she and Lus are twin

-Everyone always think that she is 10 years old.(poor Dude)
-Her face is too  scary that can make little kids cry.


Good Night:))


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